From the age of five, Jennylynn Fields attended Artistically Speaking Art School where she learned the fundamentals of drawing, color and composition. It was these early teachings that fueled her inner fire for artistic development and her love for the arts. This and academic studies in an immersion school gave her the needed requirements to enter the Fine Arts program at the University of Alberta. There she experimented with mixed and traditional mediums including photography. Turner, Robert Bateman, and Louise Bourgeois were some of the early influences that inspired her artistic passion. After majoring in printmaking and minor in Visual Communication Design, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2001.  Jennylynn has since experimented with various photographic genres from wedding photography, portraiture to geographical and abstract.

She strives to create, express and uphold her own style. She believes in capturing moments in time as well as evoking an emotional reaction from the audience. Elements that compose her photos include the play of light, use of contrast with unexpected perspective and attention to minute detail that give vibrancy, appeal, and life to the subject. Jennylynn’s love for nature, animals, and people are subjects she is now trying to capture in complete respect of her own style. Her background in painting reinforces her desire for discovery, composition, and texture as she pursues her passion for photography.

From an early age this creativity has also led to a passion for crafts, typography and DIY projects. She is always trying out new DIYs adding her own twist or creating new ones from scratch. With a love for paper, textiles, yarn, knitting, crochet and crafting she continues to use her imagination and artistic background to create unique DIY projects.

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