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Cover a Journal or Book with a Paint Skin

Hello beautiful people!

Here’s a creative way to use up your leftover paint skins. Firstly, what’s a paint skin? Well if you do Acrylic Pour Painting you know it uses a lot of paint and most of that paint drips or falls over the sides of the canvas pooling on the protected surface.


I like to make sure I use up all my paint so I don’t waist any so all the paint the falls off the edge I keep and pool it all together to create a paint skin. I drag all the paint into one large pool and let it dry completely. The cells will form and grow as it spreads out a bit and then when it dries you have a beautiful manipulable paint skin! Here’s a few examples;

*Pro Tip* ~ To keep your paint skins from drying out and usable in the future layer them between sheets of parchment paper. I do this with mine and they never dry out nor do they become brittle. They keep their elasticity and even after years they are still usable and workable.*

Once you have a few paint skins or several you’ll want to find ways to use them up. There are lots of different options like creating jewelry, art cards, covering ornaments, etc… but one of my favorite things to do is to cover a sketch book or journal with the paint skin.

Paint skins can stretch slightly so they are great to use to cover a journal. I use Mod Podge to glue the paint skin to the book starting in the middle with the spine of the book and then working it over the front and back. Even if your paint skin does not cover the entire cover think about maybe leaving the raw edge of the paint skin showing on the front and back as I did in this cover where I left the four corners of the black sketch book showing. I LOVE how this one turned out!!


Of course if you have a large paint skin you can cover the whole book like in this one I created a few year ago. I just LOVE how all the cells and colors of the paint skin shine on the cover!!


After I cover the outside cover I cut the excess paint skin along the edges so there is enough left to fold over the edge and glue to the inside of the cover. I use a piece of card stock cut to fit on the inside cover and inside back to hide the edges of the folded over paint skins. You could also use the first and last page to hide the cut edges by gluing it to the inside over the cover.

If you would like to watch a detailed video of how I cover the journal with a paint skin you can watch my videos on my CraftyJenn YouTube channel! Here are two videos where I show you how to cover a journal, one has an elastic band to hold the journal closed and the other is a sketch book.


If you are interested in how to create an Acrylic Pour Painting so you can start creating paint skins as well I have an eBook for beginners that explains my mixing formula to get these great cells. Here’s the link:

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I hope you have a blast using your paint skins to cover you unique books, journals and sketch books! Create beautiful covers and have fun!!


Acrylic Pour

Add Embroidery to your Paintings | CraftyJenn Tutorial

Hello 🙂 I had another idea to create a mixed media piece of artwork using my silhouette technique. So I started by using my Pre-Cut Vinyl of a Female Face and created a pretty pink and purple painting using the Dutch Pour Technique to make her hair flowing behind her.

Here is a list of supplies I used to create my Female Silhouette Painting;

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You can watch me create this pretty Silhouette painting here;

After I created this pretty painting I had this crazy idea to add some mixed media to her! I wanted to embellish her hair even more and add a pop of color like yellow so I decided to create some flowers in her hair and I’ve always loved the look of embroidery.


I combined the two to create a beautiful finished piece. Since this was painted on a canvas which is essentially fabric coated with paint I knew that I could get the needle to pierce through. So I started with a small flower to see how the paint would react to this technique. It worked better than I had thought!

All you need is some Embroidery Floss/Thread: and a Threading Needle: and a little imagination 🙂

Think about where you would like your embroidered flowers to go, what colors, how big you want them which might determine the technique you use to create them. There are several different flower techniques on YouTube for embroidery. You might also want to add some leaves. I added some white leaves among my pink and yellow flowers. You can see them in detail in the photo below.


I wanted the flowers to flow along with her hair so I placed them in a swirl manner that went from her forehead to the lower corner of the painting. I love this embellishment and I think it totally adds to the whole piece!


You can watch me add the embroidery on this pretty painting in my CraftyJenn YouTube video as towards the end I show you how I added it to the final painting. Here’s a link to the point in the video where I add the embroidery:

I hope you all have fun creating your own Silhouette Paintings and adding some embellished Embroidery to them!!

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cricut, resin

DIY Resin Coasters

I have been using resin to coat my paintings for a while now but just recently I’ve been starting to experiment with resin casting in silicone molds. I’m having so much fun with it and trying to create some unique usable art!

You can also create your own resin coaster with a few materials. Here’s a list of materials I used to create my simple coasters;

Coaster Silicone Molds:

Heat Resistant Resin:

Art Resin Tint:

Alcohol Inks:

So for these silicone coaster molds I’ve discovered that 10 ounces of resin fills four molds. I also used this heat resistant resin because if you want to put a hot mug on it then it won’t hurt the coaster. It’s important to make sure you use the right kind of resin for your project. There are a few other brands of resin out there but just make sure to do your homework or use the one I’ve linked above as this is the same one I used. I mixed the resin according to the instructions which was a 1:1 ratio. So 5 ounces of resin and 5 ounces of hardener. I mixed it up for a couple minutes making sure to scrap all the sides and bottom. You can tap the mixing cup on the table a few times to help get the bubbles to the surface.

You can use Art Resin Tints to color your resin if you like of pour your resin clear and use the alcohol inks to drop into the resin which creates a beautiful and colorful effect like the in the picture below.


I love how the alcohol inks create beautiful atmospheric colors! You can watch me create this coaster in my CraftyJenn YouTube video:

It will take approximately 12 hours for the resin to cure. Every resin has different curing times so make sure to read the labels. After the resin has hardened you can keep the lovely coaster as is or choose to embellish it with some vinyl applications. I use my Cricut Cutting Machine to cut designs out of vinyl that I applied to the surface of my coaster. This is the reason I love this particular silicone mold as it has a small lip around the edge and I knew that if I was going to add my vinyl I could then add another thin layer of resin over top of the vinyl to seal it in and protect it from damage. With the edge being there it’s super easy to simply add that thin layer over and not worry about the resin pouring over the sides. You can also embellish your resin with glitter too!

Here are a few examples of the coasters where I added some vinyl embellishment to the top and then sealed them in with a thin layer of clear resin (the same heat resistant resin).


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I hope you are all having a wonderful day and thank you SO much 🙂