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Dream Catcher Acrylic Pour Painting | CraftyJenn

I’m always thinking of things and creative ideas. I just can’t turn my brain off sometimes and so I thought up this idea of adding a dream catcher into one of my acrylic pour paintings. I was super excited about this idea and since I had already been using embroidery in my paintings I knew that I could thread embroidery floss through the canvas/painting.

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So I started by creating an acrylic pour painting using my mixing formula which can be found in my Acrylic Pouring for Beginners eBook. This eBook will take you through the supplies, steps and everything to create an acrylic pour painting! After my painting was finished I cleaned the canvas off, coated it with a layer of Liquitex Gloss Varnish and it was ready for the dream catcher.

I had bought this metal hoop to support the edges of the canvas as I wanted my dream catcher to be in the middle so I was going to have to cut a circle out of the painting. First I flipped the canvas over so I can see the back and centered the hoop on there. I traced within the circle with a sharpie so I knew where to put the glue. I used some Super Glue Gel (it’s a gel format so it is not runny which is awesome!) and applied it around the circle I had drawn. Then I pressed the metal hoop down and voila! It was very secure as the glue dries very quickly. I placed the canvas face down on a self healing cutting mat and used a sharp Exacto knife to cut in the middle of the metal hoop. I cut a circle approximately 1/4 inch inside the hoop as I wanted to fold the edges over the hoop. I also had to cut directional lines out from the hoop to the hole every inch so I could fold it over and glue the edge down onto the hoop creating a smooth and beautiful circle/hole in the painting.

Now with the canvas right side up it was time to create the dream catcher 🙂 I was debating between some thin metal wire or Embroidery Floss but ended up using the gold floss as the color worked better for the painting. I started at the bottom and used a needle to thread the floss through the painting just outside of the metal hoop. I pulled enough floss through so that I could go around the hole creating the foundation of the dream catcher and then once I reached the beginning again I tied off the extra floss and tucked it under the canvas stretcher to use later.

I then took the larger spool of floss and worked the rest of the dream catcher going around and around creating knots in the center of each segment created. Once I got a few rows in I added a crystal and pretty teal bead by threading them onto the floss. The embellishments had colors that all went with the painting’s colors which were teal and gold. When I reached the middle and only a very small hole was left I added one last golden colored crystal and tied off the floss. It looked amazing and I LOVE how the dream catcher turned out!!!!

Detail photo of my dream catcher with the crystals & teal bead and the acrylic pour painting.

I was almost finished. As you know dream catchers often have beautiful feathers creatively strung below the weaved web. So I pulled the first piece of floss I had tucked away and used it to attach some feather details to the bottom of my dream catcher. I let them hang down from the hole and even lower than the canvas edge. I just glued the feather onto the floss and wrapped a bit of the floss around the stem of the feather to finish it off. One of the feathers I added a small teal bead to. It all came together and I was able to create a beautiful dream catcher inside my acrylic pour painting!!

The final art piece!

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Acrylic Pour

Testing New Golden Acrylic Pour Mediums!

A big thank you SO much to Golden for allowing me to try out their new Acrylic Pour Mediums! They sent me two types, Gloss and Matte. I had fun testing them out and came to these conclusions.


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First I tested the Golden Acrylic Pour Medium Matte and found it’s viscosity very runny which is not a bad thing for pouring. They recommend a 10:1 part mixture, 10 parts medium and one part acrylic paint. I think it was a bit too runny with that and I had added more paint to try to thicken it up more. First I tried just adding the medium with the paint and no silicone which gave some pretty blending results but very little cells. If you’re looking for a more blended painting and less cells then this would work but then I added one drop of silicone to each of the colors and voila!! Lots of cells formed and were large and beautiful! So you’ll need to add at least one drop of silicone but by doing so you will definitely get LOTS of cells.

Here’s my CraftyJenn YouTube video of testing the Golden Acrylic Pour Medium Matte.

Then I tested the Golden Acrylic Pour Medium Gloss. It was also just as runny as the Matte but I decided to mix a 1:1 ratio of paint to medium and added one drop of silicone to the mixture. This seemed to make the consistency better for pouring and it coated the sides of the canvas which was desirable. I did get lots of beautiful cells with this and I tried not to pour off too much of the paint as I wanted to keep the cells but this turned out to be not such a good decision as when the gloss medium canvases dried I got large craters and cracks that appeared.

Here’s my CraftyJenn YouTube video of testing the Golden Acrylic Pour Medium Gloss.

So in conclusion, I do love the Matte Medium as it’s something completely different and did create beautifully dried canvases even if on one the edges of the canvas have bare holes due to the thin runny consistency of the medium. I think this would be a great medium for creating pretty blended backdrops for a stencil, text or silhouette to be placed on top.

The Gloss Medium becomes SUPER shinny when dry even on the edges of the canvas where the paint was not as thick. I don’t think I’m a fan of this super glare but if you like the look then it’s totally an option for you. Personally I’m going to stick with my formula with Floetrol though I might start using their Matte Medium for some paintings since I really like the overall muted look. You can really see into the painting when there’s no shine to it.

Here’s my final video comparing the dried canvases.


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Acrylic Pour

Raven Spirit

I LOVE how this one turned out 🙂 I know I keep saying that about each new silhouette but this one came to me and I wanted to create a spiritual painting with the female face and this is a silhouette of a raven I photographed in the Canadian Rocky mountains. So I used the female silhouette and juxtaposed it from the raven silhouette and in between them I incorporated some mountain silhouettes to connect the two spirits.

I was so excited when I created this silhouette! Then I decided I wanted the acrylic pour colors of the raven to be subtle just like a real raven’s colors which is black but has so much depth in the sun with subtle blues and greys. So I added pewter and pane’s grey in that swipe.

Then for the female face/head I wanted earth tones so I used some copper, white, and gold to really contrast with the raven. I love the juxtaposition of the two spirits and yet there’s a connection with the dark black silhouette of them.

This painting took a while as it was a process of creating the silhouette, doing the acrylic pour and then painting in the negative space to enhance their figures. I just love the Pewter grey and the photos don’t do it justice as it has a metallic shine to it that looks awesome! Here is the final piece with some detail photos;

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