Acrylic Pour, cricut

Holiday Acrylic Pour Artwork!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and in the festive holiday mood 🙂 I had so much fun creating this Holiday Acrylic Pour piece and wanted to share with all of you how I created it. It’s a great Christmas or holiday project to do yourself or with your family.

Also, I now use the LoliVefe Jumbo Silicone mat to work on as it’s super easy for clean up, great for acrylic pouring on, perfect for crafts with kids and will protect your table top surface. If you’re interested in one please visit; and use my code:    Jenn5    to get a 5$ discount on any Jumbo or Mega Mat!!

So for my holiday pour I used these paint colors; FolkArt Aqua Flash, Artist’s Loft Brilliant Blue, and Artist’s Loft Black.

I did a dirty cup pour on a 10×20 inch canvas I bought at Michaels. I LOVE the way these colors worked together!! I think it looks like a blue Northern Lights! I wanted the background to be dark like the night sky but with acrylic pouring it adds depth and character than just painting a dark blue sky. If you are interested in acrylic pour painting and how I mix my paint check out my “Acrylic Pouring for Beginners” eBook which details everything you need to get started including links to supplies. You can also visit my CraftyJenn Amazon Store for all your supply need too 🙂

Once the Acrylic Pour Painting dried I cleaned it with a little Isopropyl Alcohol to get all the silicone off, then added a coat of Liquitex Gloss Varnish and let that dry. I used my pre-cut vinyl of the trees and deer for the 10×20 canvas that you can get on my CraftyJenn Art Store. I applied some more Liquitex Gloss Varnish and then peeled the vinyl off the paperback and applied it to my painting in the wet varnish. You can move your vinyls around until you get them in the place you want. Once I finished applying all my vinyls I let it dry and painted a few tiny white dots everywhere to make it look like stars though it looked more like falling snow which I was totally happy with! I made the dots small and some larger to add some variety to the stars/snow. Let that dry and added a few coats of Liquitex Gloss Varnish over the whole painting including the vinyl. And Voila! It’s my favorite Holiday Painting yet!!!


You can watch me create this beautiful holiday artwork on my

CraftyJenn YouTube channel!



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