Acrylic Pour

Fixing Paint Leakage Under Vinyl Silhouette

Hello everyone 😉 I’m here to talk about how to fix your paintings when you get paint leakage under the vinyl when trying to create a silhouette. Even though you take all the precautions you will sometimes get paint that finds it’s way under the vinyl especially if the paint is thick over the vinyl. But the beauty of acrylic paint is once it’s dry you can paint over it.

So when I remove the vinyl and find that paint has leaked under I first check if it dried flat or is raised. If it’s flat then it’s easy to just paint a few layers of acrylic paint over it in the color you use for the negative space but if it’s raised then a little more work is required. You can use any fine grit sand paper to hand sand the raised paint down or as I usually do is use a Dremel with a sanding drum on the end. When using a Dremel you have to be very careful you don’t go through the canvas. Just try to lightly sand the raised paint until it’s flat either with the Dremel or by hand. Then just paint over the area with the colors you used for the negative space and possibly with the silhouette.

I created a video to show you how I fix my paintings for this common problem;


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