Acrylic Pour

Use Acrylic Pour Paint Skins to make Jewelry!

Hello 🙂 So here’s another use for your paint skins, I use them to make small art pieces for jewelry and purse hangers. I love the paint skins and they turn out with lots of cells and beautiful colors so there’s no reason to waist paint when you can create these skins. I pool all the paint that pours off my paintings and bring it together to create a pretty paint skin. Then I use a 1 inch hole punch to creatively pick a small piece of the paint skin for a beautiful art piece for a jewelry pendant.

Once I cut or punch the circle out of the paint skin I use some modge podge to glue it into a blank pendant or purse hanger. This just helps to keep it in place and flat for pouring resin over it. Once the resin is poured over it I let it cure and voila!

For all your acrylic pouring supplies please visit my CraftyJenn Amazon Store!

Here are some quick links;

Here’s my video where I show how I use the hole punch and paint skins to create jewelry:


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