Acrylic Pour

Fire Goddess Acrylic Pour/Swipe

Hello 🙂 I created another female silhouette called the “Fire Goddess”. I LOVE how she turned out! I tried a different way of creating this one as I’ve had many beautiful followers on CraftyJenn YouTube Channel ask what if the negative space was painted first then the vinyl or contact paper applied and the acrylic pour/swipe created and if that would work. Well I decided to try it out and it worked out 🙂 I normally don’t paint the negative space first because I usually don’t know what color I want to paint it but I decided for this Fire Goddess to do a gold color.

So I used the other side of the vinyl, I first painted some Liquitex Gloss Varnish over the area where the vinyl will go and then placed the vinyl over the wet gloss varnish and also painted the varnish over the edge once the vinyl was placed and let all that dry. This created a great seal! I painted the gold over the negative space – it needed two coats. Then I removed the vinyl which left a really good silhouette edge with no paint bleeding under the vinyl. Then I applied the other side of the vinyl over the gold negative space area and again painted the Liquitex Gloss Varnish under and over the edge of the vinyl and let it dry. Then I did my fire colored acrylic pour and swipe using the damp paper towel technique. I LOVE how the cells grew and turned out!!

Once the paint dried I removed the vinyl which again created a great sharp edge to the silhouette. I just had to touch up the gold a little bit but not much. *One good tip to mention is to always set your paintings on a level surface to dry * I had not done this and although I do love how the paint ended up shifting this does not always work in my favor. So the paint moved on me because the surface was not level but here it totally worked and created a fluid fire looking motion in the paint.

I had lots of fun creating this Fire Goddess 🙂 Here’s a photograph of her and the video of me creating her 🙂 I hope you all enjoy!!

For any of your acrylic pour painting supplies please click HERE.


Here is the free female face silhouette;


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