Acrylic Pour

HAPPY 2019!!!

Hello everyone and Happy 2019!!! I hope you all had wonderful holidays and I’m excited to create and share new videos of my painting, art, and craftiness 🙂 I can’t believe I have over 50, 000 subscribers on my CraftyJenn YouTube channel!! I’m overwhelmed and amazed 🙂 Thank you SO much everyone for subscribing and watching my videos!!

I greatly appreciate all the love and support for my art journey 🙂 I hope you have been enjoying my videos and I have more ideas coming this year 🙂 You are all amazing people and I hope you all have lots of fun creating your art or any kind of artsy creations in 2019.

I also greatly appreciate you all using my Amazon links and visiting my CraftyJenn Amazon shop for any of your art or crafty needs! Thank you SO much 🙂

I have more Original Art available for purchase on my CraftyJenn Art Store so check it out if interested 🙂

Laura from We-met Wire Work and me had a custom commission before Christmas for our Nature’s Glow Artwork and here’s the photos of that commission. I LOVE how this one turned out too!!! It’s a different size format than the first one 🙂


Check out my Happy 2019 new video on my CraftyJenn YouTube channel!


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