Acrylic Pour

Nature’s Glow * Artist Collaboration

Hello everyone! I’m super excited to share our latest project as it was a collaboration between myself and my cousin, Laura, from We-met Wire Work. She does these amazing wire trees and I thought if I did a large moon acrylic pour painting then she could add a wire tree in front of it. We worked together and the result turned out amazing!! I LOVE this piece of artwork!!

So I first built the wooden canvas for the pour. I covered it with gesso to prep the surface. I used Artist’s Loft white & silver and Craftsmart Pewter paint for the moon. I did a dirty flip cup and using the single one cup in the middle worked the best for the moon. Then I painted around the moon with black paint, cleaned the silicone off the painting and sealed the whole painting with Liquitex Gloss Varnish. Now since the moon glows at night I wanted my moon to also glow so I mixed up my Art Resin and added Glow in the Dark Pigment to it and coated the whole painting with it. I was so excited for it to dry as I really wanted to see how well it would glow in the dark.

Laura had been working on her large wire tree and it looked amazing!! She used two kinds of wire, black and silver and twisted them into a gorgeous tree. We affixed some locally sourced driftwood to the painting and Laura finished installing her tree by wrapping the wire roots around the driftwood. She also hid all the screw heads with sand and it looks amazing!!

Here are two photographs (one of the artwork in the light and one of it in the dark glowing) of the collaboration piece we call “Nature’s Glow”.


Please check out my CraftyJenn YouTube Channel to watch the making of this piece and also Laura’s We-met Wire Work YouTube Channel!

For Acrylic Pouring Supplies please visit my CraftyJenn Amazon Store!

Thank you SO much 🙂

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