Acrylic Pour

Glitter Paint Acrylic Pour Painting

Hello everyone 🙂 I tried DecoArt sparkle/glitter paint and was SO super excited as it’s SO pretty and of course I used blues and a silver one too. I wanted to photograph my acrylic dirty cup pour so that’s why I didn’t video it but here’s the sequence of my photos of my pour.

The sparkle paint was SO pretty and I LOVED how it turned out but then it dried and dried super dark!!! So on the left is the painting wet and the right is it dried.

But don’t worry I have plans to stencil or do something artsy on the dried painting. It’s still shinny with glitter just dark. So a good note here is that some paints might look amazing wet but when dry they darken greatly.

I also did another acrylic pour with the same paints on another canvas board. Here’s my video of that;

If you are interested in any acrylic pour supplies please visit;


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